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What voters need to know about Tim Kearney and Tom McGarrigle

By September 5, 2018September 8th, 2018Media

The Big Picture:

As with the 2016 Delaware County State Senate Race, voters will not likely hear from Tim Kearney for a long time.

Act 1:

In the meantime, voters in Delaware County need to see the difference between small business owner and mayor Tim Kearney (Car-Knee) and Senator McGarrigle. McGarrigle has been running for office for fifteen years and is entrenched in the corrupt political culture of Harrisburg. McGarrigle has received over five-hundred thousand dollars from the Republican party establishment and nearly five-hundred thousand dollars from PACs and lobbyists.

Tim Kearney is an architect, small business owner, and small town mayor. He built a business, and buildings all over the country. He actually knows how to build things and solve problems. Tim Kearney will work to clean up the corrupt culture in Harrisburg and fight for reforms like a real gift ban and reducing the power of lobbyists.

Act 2:

Voters across the district need to understand Act 1, and then that… Tom McGarrigle has voted to raise our taxes five times, but he has a hard time paying his own taxes and bills. McGarrigle has amassed almost sixteen-thousand dollars in personal tax liens and seventy-nine thousand dollars in liens against his businesses.

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Act 3:

Select voters in Delaware County and a much larger section Chester counties need to read that the choice for State Senator is clear:

On Education, the choice is clear. Millionaire McGarrigle’s biggest campaign donor is the founder and CEO of a charter school. McGarrigle has voted repeatedly to send our tax dollars from Delaware County to unaccountable for-profit schools in other parts of the state.

Instead of playing politics with our kids’ education, Tim Kearney will make sure that state government pays to build new schools and fix old ones, not local taxpayers. Voters, especially in Upper Darby Township, Millbourne Borough, and Clifton Heights Borough should understand that Republicans in Harrisburg, including Tom McGarrigle, are keeping them from getting much-needed new schools with air conditioning and energy efficiencies that save local taxpayers millions. This has led to early dismissals for heat and chaos for busy working families this year alone.

On the environment, the choice is clear. Tim will stand up for our families and prioritize public safety and clean air and water. He will take on to the powerful interests and make sure they pay their fair share and don’t harm our communities. McGarrigle has taken thousands of dollars from the polluters and the very interests that threaten our drinking water and air. McGarrigle has voted to allow fracking to occur on the Delaware River without any restrictions, failing to regulate oil and gas drilling that has been polluting our water.

Also in the mailbox, voters, especially in Easttown Township, Willistown Township, Media Borough, Newtown Township, Rutledge, Morton, Aldon, Swarthmore Borough, and Upper Providence Township, need to read that McGarrigle is in the pockets of the same big corporations that have put their profits above the safety of our communities. McGarrigle has voted to allow fracking to occur on the Delaware River without any restrictions, failing to regulate oil and gas drilling that has been polluting our water. What’s more, McGarrigle has not opposed or called for stricter regulations on the construction of the Mariner East II Pipeline that is running underneath our homes, schools, and parks, threatening the safety of our children.

Act 4:

Women and moderates across the district need to read that:


  • Tom McGarrigle voted for one of the most restrictive bans on a woman’s right to choose. Included was language that did not make any exceptions for cases of rape or incest.
  • Tom McGarrigle sponsored a dishonest equal pay bill that the Women’s Law Project called a “fake” because it fails to close many loopholes that result in women getting paid less than men for doing the same work. This bill included a provision that stripped away local protections for female employees. This bill made Tom McGarrigle’s corporate donors happy but was called “misguided” in the Delco Times.


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